The Student Conference 2017

Keynote: Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham

The hospitality of strangers - rethinking research practice

The vast majority of research methods texts and training courses focus on the researcher – what they do, say and how they should act. I want to flip this point of view, focusing instead on the people and institutions who host us and our research. Drawing on Derrida’s work on hospitality, and on a new book written with colleague Christine Hall – Place based methods for researching schools (Bloomsbury 2017) – I want to argue for the benefits of thinking of ourselves as guests. Understanding our inquiry as a temporary interruption of an ongoing lived trajectory pushes us to re think our taken-for-granted research language, ethical processes and writing habits and genres. I will explore these, and suggest that being a ‘good guest’ brings with it discomfort and obligations, as well as some generative possibilities.


9.30 am
Registration and coffee
Brooks Atrium and Spanish Steps
10.00 am
Conference Welcome, Nicola Whitton and Tony Brown
Keynote: Professor Pat Thomson, University of Nottingham
The hospitality of strangers – rethinking research practice
Lecture Theatre 2
Presentation Session 1 in BR2.31
Chair: Janet Batsleer
Presentation Session 2 in BR2.28
Chair: Cathy Lewin
11.00 am Stepping out of the system: Developing a grounded theory on the process of becoming a home educator.
Carrie Birkett
Who do they think they are? ‘Figuring out’ the male primary teacher identity.
Corinne Woodfine
11.30 am Accountability, governance and transparency in the new academies programme.
Helen Ryan-Atkin
Challenging the mundane realisms of video research with children: Navigating digitally curated worlds through a post-structural lens.
Lucy Caton
12.00 noon Feminist Comedy: A Historical Perspective.
Natalie Diddams
Teachers teaching reading comprehension – seeking patterns from a case study of a UK primary school.
Karin Boyle
12.30 pm Lunch Brooks Atrium and Spanish Steps
  Presentation Session 3 in BR2.31
Chair: Rachel Holmes
Presentation Session 4 in BR2.28
Chair: Dave Heywood
1.30 pm A study on the changing role of the mentor in school-led teacher education.
Georgia Hindle
2.00 pm Power and Ideology in the Co-operative Group - 1970-2015 - a preliminary review of data.
Mark Craig
An Exploration of Academic Language in the UK Masters Classroom; Current Progress and Emergent Themes of Student Perspectives.
Sarah Evans
2.30 pm Affective School Atmospheres.
Mark Sackville-Ford
Beyond the Terrors of Performativity: Exploring Teacher Agency in Neoliberal Times.
Claire Goodley
3.00 pm Refreshments Brooks Atrium and Spanish Steps
  Presentation Session 5 in BR2.31
Chair: Tony Brown
Presentation Session 6 in BR2.28
Chair: Martin Needham
3.30 pm How have FE lecturers experienced the commodification of education?
Yousef Ali
How can a special school multi-academy trust support the articulation of pupil aspirations?
Jane Dickson
4.00 pm What professional knowledge do trainee geography teachers need to have?
Joanna Baynham
Distinctive skills and knowledge of multilingual student teachers in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
Rania Maklad
4.30 pm Wine reception
Brooks Atrium and Spanish Steps
Ed Doc Student Session (ends 6pm)


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