ESRI Research Seminar Programme

Seminars Autumn Term 2017

Wednesday 4th October in Brooks 2.10
Dr Riikka Hohti, University of Oulu, Finland
Working from entanglement – developing moving and zooming approaches to children’s things and doings

Wednesday 18th October in Brooks 2.10
Dr Sam Sellar, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Rewiring education: Building data infrastructure in schools and school systems

Wednesday 8th November in Brooks 2.10
Dr Jayne Osgood, Middlesex University, UK
Affective Methodologies in Early Childhood Research: adventures in ethical recklessness

Wednesday 29th November in Brooks 2.10
Professor Cathy Burnett and Professor Guy Merchant, Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Making and Unmaking Literacies: A turn of events

Seminars Summer Term 2017

Wednesday 26th April in Brooks 2.19
Prof Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen, UK
Anthropology and/as Education

Wednesday 10th May in Brooks G.16
Dr Charlotte Jones and Dr Jen Slater, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
School Toilets: Queer, disabled bodies and gendered lessons of embodiment

Friday 26th May in the Biosocial Research Lab - Brooks 2.52
Dr. Chris Murgatroyd, School of Healthcare Science
The Epigenetics of Early Life Stress: Emerging connections with biosocial research

Seminars Spring Term 2017

February 15th in Brooks G.17
Dr Rachel Rosen, University College London, UK
'The Scream': Sociological reflections on the politics of voice and early childhood 'soundscapes'

March 8th in Brooks G.17
Professor Matthew Clarke, York St John University, UK
Beyond reproductive futurism and cruel optimism: Teaching-learning as world spectatorship

March 22nd in Brooks G.17
Professor Helen Gunter, University of Manchester, UK
An Intellectual History of School Leadership