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Dr Sam  Sellar


B. Lingard, G. Thompson & S. Sellar (2015) National Testing in Schools An Australian Assessment. Routledge

B. Lingard, W. Martino, G. Rezai-Rashti & S. Sellar (2015) Globalizing Educational Accountabilities. Routledge

Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

S.R. Sellar & T. Gale (2016) Framing student equity in higher education: National and global policy contexts of A Fair Chance for All, in Student Equity in Australian Higher Education Twenty-five years of A Fair Chance for All Springer

B. Lingard & SR. Sellar (2016) The Changing Organizational and Global Significance of the OECD's Education Work, in Handbook of Global Education Policy John Wiley & Sons

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S.R. Sellar & B. Lingard (2014) Equity in Australian schooling: the absent presence of socioeconomic context, in Contemporary Issues of Equity in Education Cambridge Scholars Publishing

S.R. Sellar & B. Lingard (2013) PISA and the expanding role of the OECD in global educational governance, in PISA, Power, and Policy the emergence of global educational governance Symposium Books Ltd

B. Lingard & S.R. Sellar (2013) Globalisation and Sociology of Education Policy: The Case of PISA, in Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education Springer

S.R. Sellar & T. Gale (2012) Aspiration and education: toward new terms of engagement for marginalised students, in Student Engagement in Urban Schools: Beyond Neoliberal Discourses Information Age Publishing

Research Reports

T. Gale, R. Hattam, B. Comber, D. Tranter, D. Bills, et al. (2010) Interventions early in school as a means to improve higher education outcomes for disadvantaged (particularly low SES) students. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Australian Government (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations)





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