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Dr Harriet  Rowley


Harriet has recently finished her doctorate at the University of Manchester and joined MMU in May 2013. She has been appointed to evaluate School Direct, a new employment-based teacher training route. The team, led by Prof Tony Brown, are interested in how the delivery of teacher education is changing both at MMU and nationally, as well as how these changes are affecting student teachers’ experiences and the nature of teacher knowledge.

Harriet has a growing wealth of experience through her work with schools. As a youth worker and secondary school teacher, she has worked in the North of England, India and Nepal. Her PhD was concerned with the relationship between schools and communities and the role of schools in tackling deprivation. She carried out a case study of a community-oriented school, Weston Academy, which was sponsored by a large social housing provider. Harriet also carried out longitudinal case studies of ten families, tracking the impact of the school’s efforts on their lives. The study led to a broader interest in how schools react to changing policy directives and the space they have to interpret these and create a course of action. She is also increasingly interested in conceptual understandings of place and space and their effects on young people's educational identities.

Harriet is a ChildLine counsellor and has carried out work for the National Union of Students, Institute of Public Policy Research and Enabling Education Network.

Book Chapters

Rowley, H. and Butson, S. (2011) 'Promoting Student Voice in an Isolated Community in India' in S. Miles & M. Ainscow Responding to Diversity in Schools: An Inquiry-Based Approach Oxon: Routledge

Rowley, H. and Dyson, A. (2011) 'Academies in the public interest - a contradiction in terms?' in H. M. Gunter (ed) The state and education policy: The academies programme London: Continuum


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Position/Post: Research Assistant
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