Research Staff Interests

Dr Karen  Pashby


I completed my PhD at University of Toronto in a combined program: Philosophy of Education and Comparative, International and Development Education. My PhD research looked at the possibilities, barriers and dynamic tensions involved in promoting global citizenship education in multicultural contexts. I was also a coordinator and instructor in the teacher education program at University of Toronto with a focus on inner-city schooling (based in anti-oppressive pedagogies) and on education for global citizenship and sustainable development. Since then, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Oulu in Finland, working on the Ethical Internationalisation in Higher Education (In Times of Global Crisis) project (P.I. Vanessa Andreotti). And, I taught in the Masters of Globalisation and Education program (2013-2014) there. I also held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) (2014-2016).

Research Interests

Recent Externally Funded Research

April-June 2016. Curriculum Review of Civic Education in Canada and Evaluation of Educational Resources. Co-investigator. P. I. Mary Drinkwater (OISE/University of Toronto). Commissioned by Elections Canada

2013-2015 Ethical Internationalism in Higher Education in Times of Global Crises. Postdoctoral Researcher. P.I. Vanessa Andreotti (University of Oulu/University of British Columbia). Funded by the Academy of Finland

2011-2013 Teachers' and Students' Understandings of Ethnic Diversity: Implications for Multicultural Education in Canada. Research Associate. Funded by Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, P.I. Carla Peck (University of Alberta)


O’Sullivan, M. and Pashby, K. (eds) (2008) Citizenship education in the era of globalization: Canadian perspectives. Rotterdam: Sense Publishing

Refereed Journal Articles

Swanson, D. & Pashby, K. (2016) Towards a critical global citizenship?: A comparative analysis of global citizenship education in Scotland and Alberta. Journal of Research in Curriculum and Instruction 2(3) pp 184–195

Pashby, K. & Andreotti, V. (2016) Ethical internationalisation in higher education: Interfaces with international development and sustainability. Environmental Education Research 1–7 DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2016.1201789

Andreotti, A., Stein, S., Pashby, K., & Nicolson, M. (2016) Social cartographies as performative devices in research on higher education. Higher Education Research and Development DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2015.1125857

Pashby, K. (2015) Conflations, possibilities, and foreclosures: Global citizenship education in a multicultural context. Curriculum Inquiry 45(4) pp 345–366 DOI:10.1080/03626784.2015.106430

Pashby, K., Ingram, L. and Joshee, R. (2014) Discovering, recovering, and covering-up Canada: Tracing historical citizenship discourses in K–12 and adult immigrant citizenship education. Canadian Journal of Education/ Revue canadienne de l’éducation 37(2) pp 1–26

Andreotti, V. and Pashby, K. (2013) Digital democracy and global citizenship education: Mutually compatible or mutually complicit? The Educational Forum 77(4) pp 422–437

Pinto, L., Portelli, J., Rottman, C., Pashby, K., Barrett, S. & Mujuwamariya, D. (2012) Social justice: The missing link in school administrators' perspectives on teacher induction. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy 129 pp 1–22

Pinto, L., Portelli, J., Rottman, C., Pashby, K., Barrett, S. & Mujuwamariya, D. (2012) Charismatic, competent or transformative? Ontario school administrators' perceptions of good teachers. Journal of Teaching and Learning 8(1) pp 72–90

Pashby, K. (2011) Cultivating global citizens: Planting new seeds or pruning the perennials? Looking for the citizen-subject in global citizenship education theory. Globalisation, Societies, and Education 9(3/4) pp 427–442

Eidoo, S., Ingram, L., MacDonald, A., Nabavi, M., Pashby, K. & Stille, S. (2011) Through the kaleidoscope: Intersections between theoretical perspectives and classroom implications in critical global citizenship education. Canadian Journal of Education 34(4) pp 59–85

Andreotti, V., Jefferess, D., Pashby, K., Rowe, C., Tarc, P. & Taylor, L. (2010) Difference and conflict in global citizenship in higher education in Canada. International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning 2(3) pp 5–24

Pashby, K. (2009) The Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers-to-Grandmothers Campaign: A model for critical global citizenship learning? Critical Literacy: Theories and Practice 3(1) pp 59–70

Pashby, K. (2008) Demands on and of citizenship and schooling: 'Belonging' and 'diversity' in the global imperative. Brock Education 17 pp 1–21

O'Sullivan, M. & Pashby, K. (2008) Citizenship education in the era of globalization: Canadian perspectives. Brock Education 17 pp i–iv

Book Chapters

Pashby, K. (invited contribution submitted, publication expected in late 2016/early 2017) Identity and Belonging, in The Palgrave Handbook of Global Citizenship and Education I. Davies, L. Ho, D. Kiwan, C. Peck, A. Peterson, E. Sant and Y. Waghid (eds)

Pashby, K. (2016) Global, citizenship, and education as discursive fields: Towards disrupting reproduction of colonial systems of power, in I. Langran & T. Birk (eds) Globalization and Global Citizenship: Interdisciplinary Approaches (pp 69-86) Routledge

Pashby, K. and Andreotti, V. (2015) Critical global citizenship in theory and practice: Rationales and approaches for an emerging agenda, in J. Harshman, T. Augustine, & M. Merryfield, (eds) Research on global citizenship education (pp. 9–23) Charlotte, N. C.: Information Age Publishing, Research in Social Education Series.

Pashby, K. (2012) Questions for global citizenship education in the context of the 'new imperialism': For whom, by whom? in V. Andreotti & L. M. De Souza (eds) Postcolonial perspectives on global citizenship education (pp 9–26) New York: Routledge

Other Publications

Pashby, K. (2015) Introduction to the second issue of Sinergias: a call to mobilize around a critical approach to educating global citizens. Sinergias – diálogos educativos para a transformação social (Synergies – educational dialogues for social transformation) 2 pp 1–11

Keynote Addresses or Prestigious Public Lectures

Global youth leadership in the era of global citizenship: Mobilizing a critical approach at a critical moment. Global Leadership Empowerment and Diversity Summit. De Montfort University, Leicester, UK (Nov 2016)

Global citizenship education in a multicultural context: The case of Canada in a national and international perspective. Global Citizenship Education in Practice Symposium hosted by the Korean Education Development Institute. Seoul, South Korea (Nov 2015)

Ethical Internationalisation in Higher Education: A strategic mapping of university internationalisation policies across six national contexts. Keynote speech. Rethinking Internationalisation Seminar. University of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK (May 2015)

Critical global citizenship education in theory, research, and practice. Skolan Möter Världen (School Meets the World), Annual conference for school leaders, educators, policy makers, and teacher educators. Hosted by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, Stockholm, Sweden (May 2015)

Global citizenship on the international agenda: Mobilizing a critical approach. Illinois State University, International Studies Seminar Series, Normal, Illinois, USA (April 2015)

Putting ethics at the centre amid multiple imperatives: Lessons from research and practice in global citizenship education. Presented at Ethical foundations for Global Education: International Symposium on Global Learning co-organized by Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and Finnish National Board of Education, Espoo, Finland (May 2014)

Development education for systemic change: Critical global citizenship education. Presented at Development Education for Systemic Change: Regional Conference for Development Education in Portugal hosted by ONGD (Portuguese Non-Governmental Development Organizations Platform) Lisbon, Portugal (Feb 2014)

Engaging citizens in a global justice agenda: Are we moving in the right direction? Keynote Panel. Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum, European Conference: Global Justice Through Global Citizenship. Organized by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum of CONCORD (The European NGO confederation for relief and development) Brussels, Belgium. (Nov 2013)

The importance of global education in formal education: Educating global citizens for the 21st century knowledge society. Presented on behalf of co-author V. Andreotti. Visegrad Regional Seminar on Global Development Education hosted by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, Budapest, Hungary (Sept 2013)

Taking critical thinking to critical literacy by infusing multiple perspectives: Lessons from teacher education and professional development. Research-Practice Spotlight Session, Global Citizenship Education: Connecting Research and Practice. Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE) Congress, Waterloo. (May 2012)

Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

Selected Contributions

Pashby, K. & Swanson, D. Comparing Global Citizenship in Curriculum: Scotland and Alberta. National Council for the Social Studies conference. Washington, D.C. (Dec 2016)

Haapakoski, J. & Pashby, K. Implications for equity and diversity of increasing international student numbers in higher education: policies and practice in four national contexts in Europe. Presented at Internationalizing Higher Education Conference. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C. (July 2016)

Pashby, K.; Tarc, P.; Taylor, L. (Ethical) internationalization of higher education: Pedagogical implications for teacher education. Presented at the Canadian Society for Studies in Education Conference (CSSE), Calgary, AB. (May 2016)

Pashby, K & Shultz, L. Global citizenship and ethical internationalisation in higher education: Student perspectives from Canada and Kenya. Presented at the Comparative International Education Society (CIES) Conference in Vancouver (March 2016)

Shultz, L. & Pashby, K. How are you in the world and how is the world in you?: Reflections on the (Canadian) National Youth White Paper on Global Citizenship. Presented at CIES in Vancouver (March 2016)

Pashby, K. & Shultz, L. Ethical internationalisation in universities: comparing student perceptions of global citizenship in Canada and Kenya. Presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in Washington D.C. (April 2016)

Pashby, K. Global citizenship in the spotlight: Curricular possibilities from a Youth White paper presented to UNESCO. Presented at AERA in Washington D. C. (April 2016)

Pashby, K. & Shultz, L. Global citizenship education at a crossroads: Looking at the Canadian National Youth White Paper on Global Citizenship. Presented at AERA in Washington D.C. (April 2016)

Pashby, K.; Khoo, S.; Hellsten, M. Troubling Cartographies and Ambivalent Imaginaries: Using Heuristic Models Heuristically. Presented at World Educational Research Association (WERA) Conference in Washington D.C. (April 2016)


Invited Talks

Multiculturalism and global citizenship in teacher education in Canada. Stockholm University, Sweden (Nov 2015)

Global citizenship education in Canada: Pedagogical and curricular possibilities and tensions in the Canadian context. Global Academic Leadership Development Program. Co-sponsored by University of Alberta and the China Scholarship Council. Hosted 67 business and engineering professors from China. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Oct 2015)

Ethical Internationalism in Higher Education Project: Overview of national and individual university strategy documents. Lunch Seminar to Internationalisation Council, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden (May 2015)

Ethical internationalisation in higher education: Implications for educating for sustainable development. Research Seminar, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden (May 2015)

Mainstreaming global education in Finland's reform of the basic education curriculum: The influence of critical global citizenship education. Toronto, ON, OISE/UT. Part of the Comparative, International and Development Education Centre's Seminar Series (Nov 2014)

International education in an age of global citizenship education: For whom, by whom? A comparative and strategic mapping of internationalization in higher education strategies. University of Helsinki, Agora, Finland for the study of social justice and equality education (Sept 2014)

Are global citizenship and multiculturalism the same thing, and why does it matter?: The relation and conflation of issues of diversity in Canadian social studies. University of Helsinki, Finland (Feb 2014)

Mobilizing support for global education: The case of Finland. Conference on Global Education in Denmark. Hosted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark (Nov 2013)

Some central rationales for critical global citizenship education and their realization in the classroom. International Meeting on Quality Criteria for Global Learning School-based Activities. Innsbruck, Austria (Nov 2013)

Ethical internationalism in higher education: dissent, intelligibility and solidarity. Rhizome Workshop: Bringing Critical Thinking into Life in the Academy. University of Helsinki, Finland (Oct 2013)

What is the education in global citizenship education? Researching international and contemporary education (RICE) Symposium: Pedagogies of the International. Western University, London, UK (June 2013)

Taught Courses

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

  • Global education/ Internationalisation of education
  • (Critical) Multicultural education
  • (Critical) Global Citizenship Education
  • Citizenship Education
  • Post/de-colonial engagements with education
  • Policy analysis
  • Curriculum analysis
  • Critical Discourse Analysis





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