Research Staff Interests

Prof Kate  Pahl


Kate studied English at Cambridge and then was an outreach worker in adult literacy, employed by the Council for Racial Equality in London for many years. Her PhD was on literacy practices in homes, with anthropologist Brian Street at King’s College, London. Her research has been concerned with literacy practices in communities, drawing on arts and humanities methodologies. She has been involved with many projects funded through the AHRC Connected Communities programme including, 'Writing in the home and in the street', 'Language as Talisman', 'Transmitting Musical Heritage', 'Communicating Wisdom' Co-producing Legacy, 'Imagine' and 'Taking Yourself Seriously'. All of these projects have been co-produced with community partners and have involved drawing on the knowledge within communities to work together to produce living knowledge.

Her publications have drawn on literary theory, New Literacy Studies and social anthropology and her research continues to explore the intersections between arts methodologies and community cohesion. Her book on literacy practices in Rotherham, 'Materializing Literacies in Communities' (2014) is published by Bloomsbury Academic.

Research Interests

  • New Literacy Studies
  • Community studies
  • Co-production
  • Arts methodologies
  • Poetry
  • Literary theory
  • Everyday knowledge
  • Social cohesion
  • Critical race theory
  • New materialism

Research Groups

Theory, Methodology and Knowledge Production
Children, Young People and Community

Research Projects

Feeling Odd in the World of Education
PI Rachel Holmes, Co-Is Kate Pahl, Amanda Ravetz, Becky Shaw

'Taking Yourselves Seriously’: Artistic Approaches to Social Cohesion (PI)
with Zanib Rasool and Andrew McMillan (Co-Is)
in collaboration with ARVAC
Feb 2017-Jan 2018
AHRC Connected Communities Follow on funding £78,895

Ways of Neighbourhood Working and Knowing
(Co-I) Antonia Layard (PI) and Sue Brownhill, Craig Watkins, Simon Davoudi & Helen Graham
in collaboration with the DCLG
ESRC Seminar Series £26,560

Co-producing Legacy(PI)
with Amanda Ravetz, Helen Graham & Steve Pool (Co-Is)
1st February 2014-end January 2015
AHRC Connected Communities Development grant £80,310

Project Websites

Taking Yourself Seriously

Ways of Neighbourhood Working and Knowing



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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Pahl, K. (2017) Dialogic Objects: Material Knowledge as a Challenge to Educaitonal Practice, in D. Pillay, K. Pithouse-Morgan, & I. Naiker, (eds) Object Medleys: Interpretive Possibilities for Educational Research Rotterdam: Sense Publishers pp 29-44

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Research Reports

Brooks, G., Pahl, K., Pollard, A. & Rees F. (2008) Effective and inclusive practices in family literacy, language and numeracy: a review of programmes and practice in the UK and internationally NRDC research report with CfBT

Hannon, P., Pahl, K., Bird, V., Taylor, C. & Birch, C. (2003) Community focused Provision in Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Language: An Exploratory Study. London: NRDC Publications. 30 pages

Journal & Book Series Editorships & Editorial Board Membership

On the Editorial boards for:
Journal of Literacy Research Literacy
Journal of Early Childhood Literacy

Keynote Addresses or Prestigious Public Lectures

Keynote invited speaker: Re-thinking literacy ontologies with young people in communities for the Literacy and Contemporary Society: Spaces, Discourses, practices conference 28-29 November 2017 Nicosia, Cyprus.

Keynote invited speaker for a symposium titled Child and Youth Engagement, Civic Literacies and Digital Ecologies at Brock from October 10-11, 2017.

'Not Just an Object': Making meaning of and from everyday objects in educational research. Invited keynote, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa February 2016

Invited Keynote at the launch of the Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre (CASIC) Keele University October 2015

Invited keynote on What do we do when we don't agree: Making Divergent Ways of Knowing Come Alive at UEA, AHRC Connected Communities conference, Norwich, UK

Evidence of Impact on Policy and Professional Practice

Policy briefing from the 'Imagine' project for the Select Committee on citizenship and civic engagement available on the House of Lords website view here

Policy Briefing from the 'Taking Yourself Seriously' project - written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Civic Engagement and Citizenship view here

Advised the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on the Women's Empowerment Fund.

International Recognition

'Experienced researcher' EU funded fellowship on the Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing Digital Literacy and Creativity project (MakeEY), a 30 month project funded by the EU H2020 Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) programme. This runs from January 2017-June 2019. The project funds one month working with Professor Jennifer Rowsell, at Brock University, Canada, to research children's digital literacy and creative design skills. PI Jackie Marsh, University of Sheffield.

Funded as a visiting scholar by the Culture, Media, Language and Literacy group at Teachers College, Columbia, to give two talks, one for the Youth, Media and Education Justice group and one on multimodality for the CMLL group, invited by Lalitha Vasudevan from Teachers College, Columbia, NYC in March 2015.

2014 Fully funded for one month as a Category 1 Visiting Scholar at Monash University, Australia. Invited to present on Materializing Literacies in Communities: the Uses of Literacy Revisited and provide research direction and strategy as well as seminars While there, I worked with scholars at the University of Melbourne, RMIT and gave an invited seminar at the University of Victoria on arts methods in educational research.

Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

How Can the Arts Benefit Literacy Development in Community Settings? Invited Session Literacy Research Association Conference Carlsbad CA December 2015

Funded by the NCRLL to attend the Literacy Research Association Conference in Florida December 2014 to present a paper for A Conversation on the Future of Literacy Research - International Perspectives on the Social Turn in the Study of Literacy


Representation, The Artist and Community: Collective Conversations Cardiff Story Museum June 2016 (AHRC)

Cultural and Strengthening Communities Talk for ESRC funded event on 'The State of Social Capital in Britain' Organised by Understanding Society and held at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, London November 2015

Perspectives on Artefacts workshop funded by the Swedish-South African research initiation programme, UCL, London 2015

The Future of Community/University Relationships ARVAC, Manchester, GMCVO seminar Manchester April 2015

The role of artists in community projects Productive Margins Forum, Cardiff January 2015 (AHRC)

Teaching Interests

  • Co-production
  • Collaborative research,
  • Literacy studies
  • Arts methodologies

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

  • Arts methodologies
  • Social cohesion
  • Literacy and language
  • Co-production, community

Position/Post: Head of ESRI
Location: Brooks Building
Twitter: @katepahl