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Dr Jane  McDonnell


I began my career as a lecturer in 2010, after completing my PhD in education and democracy at the University of Exeter. Prior to this, I worked in secondary schools as a teacher of Religious Education, Citizenship Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. My research interests include the role of art in democratic learning and policy issues related to social, political and values education. Theoretically, I have a particular interest in the work of Jacques Rancière and Chantal Mouffe.

Refereed Journal Articles

McDonnell, J. (in press) Political and aesthetic equality in the work of Jacques Rancière: Applying his writing to debates in education and the arts. Journal of Philosophy of Education [accepted for publication March 2017]

McDonnell, J. (2016) Is it 'all about having an opinion'? Challenging the Dominance of Rationality and Cognition in Democratic Education via Research in a Gallery Setting. International Journal of Art and Design Education

McDonnell, J. (2014) PFI and the Performative Politics of Dissent: Lessons for Democratic Education. Power and Education 6(3) pp 307-317

McDonnell, J. (2014) Reimagining the Role of Art in the Relationship between Democracy and Education. Educational Philosophy and Theory 46(1) pp 46-58

McDonnell, J. & Curtis, W. (2014) Making space for democracy through assessment and feedback in higher education: thoughts from an action research project in education studies. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 39(8) pp 932-948

McDonnell, J. (2014) Finding a place in the discourse: Film, literature and the process of becoming politically subject. Journal of Social Science Education 13(4) pp 78-86

Curtis, W., Goodson, A., McDonnell, J., Shields, S. & Wyness, R. (2012) Learning together and expanding horizons: reflections on a student-lecturer collaborative enquiry. Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences 4(3)

McDonnell, J. & Curtis, W. (2012) Creating spaces for democracy in higher education: Rethinking assessment feedback strategies. Gateway Papers: A journal for pedagogic research in higher education 2 pp 40-51

Lawy, J., Biesta, g., McDonnell, J., Lawy, H. & Reeves, H. (2010) 'The art of democracy': Young people's democratic learning in gallery contexts. British Educational Research Journal 36(3) pp 351-365

Book Chapters

McDonnell, J. (forthcoming) 'What future for artistic activism?' in M. Grasso & J. Bessant. Governing Youth Politics in the Age of Surveillance. London: Routledge

McDonnell, J. (2013) Education and the Economy, in W. Curtis, S. Ward, J. Sharp & L. Hankin. Education Studies: An issue-based approach 3rd edition





Position/Post: Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0161-247-2108
Location: 1.43 Brooks Building