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Prof Maggie  MacLure


Maggie MacLure (MA, DPhil) is Professor of Education. She joined MMU from the Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE) at the University of East Anglia, where she was Professor of Education and Chair of Research.

She started her career as a researcher on the influential Bristol Language Development Project, and later moved to the National Foundation for Educational Research, where she helped to develop the national framework for the assessment of 'oracy', for the Assessment of Performance Unit. She has continued to carry out research on language and discourse, on a range of topics including classroom talk, secondary school parents' evenings and press representations of educational issues. In her most recent funded research projects she has returned to the study of early childhood education, with two ESRC-funded projects on behaviour in early years classrooms.

Maggie leads the Theory and Methodology Research Group in ESRI, and is the founder and director of the international Summer Institute in Qualitative Research. Her book, Discourse in Educational and Social Research, won the 2004 Critics' Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association. She is a former member of the Executive Council of the British Educational Research Association.

Research Interests

Theory and methodology in applied social research (especially poststructuralism and deconstruction); art-informed research; discourse analysis; childhoods; language and literacy; affect.

Research Projects

ESRC: Addressing 'problem behaviour' in the early years: an innovative film resource. Co-Director, with Rachel Holmes (2010-11) Project outline

ESRC: Becoming a problem: how and why children acquire a reputation as 'naughty' in the earliest years at school. Co-Director with Liz Jones. (2006-8) Download a copy of this report here:

Esmeé Fairbairn via Cambridge University: Consultancy to Primary Review (with Ian Barron and Rachel Holmes (2007-8)

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council: Young Men’s Health. Director (2005-6)

ESRC: Touchlines: the problematics of 'touching' between children and professionals. Co-Director with Heather Piper and Ian Stronach (2004-5)

ESRC: New Directions in Educational Research Methodology: Rebuilding a Community of Enquiry (2001-3)

ESRC: Secondary School Parents' Evenings (1997-8)

ESRC: Teachers as Researchers in the Context of Award-Bearing Courses & Research Degrees. Co-Director (with J Elliott)

ESRC: The Press, Public Knowledge & Education (1994-5) Employment Department: Knowledge Issues, and the Implications for the Standards Programme at Professional Levels of Competence. Co-Director (1990-1)

ESRC: Teachers' Jobs and Lives. Principal Investigator (1997-9)


MacLure, M. (2003) Discourse in Educational and Social Research. Buckingham: Open University Press order here

Stronach, I. & MacLure, M. (1997) Educational Research Undone: The Postmodern Embrace. Open University Press, Milton Keynes order here

Refereed Journal Articles

MacLure, M. (2013) The Wonder of Data. Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies

Jones, L., Osgood, J., Holmes, R. & MacLure, M. (2014) Eu(rope) (Re)assembling, (Re)casting, and (Re)aligning Lines of De- and Re-territorialisation of Early Childhood. International Review of Qualitative Research 7(1) pp 58-79

Koro-Ljungberg, M. & MacLure, M. (2013) Provocations, re-un-visions, death, and other possibilities of "Data". Editors' introduction. Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies 13(4) pp 219-222

MacLure. M. (2013) Researching without representation? Language and materiality in post-qualitative methodology. (Special Issue: Post-Qualitative Research) International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education 26(6) pp 658-667

MacLure, M. (2013) Promiscuous feminists postscript. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education 26(5) pp 625-628

MacLure, M., Jones, L., Holmes, R. & MacRae, C. (2012) Becoming a problem: behaviour and reputation in the early years classroom. British Educational Research Journal 38(3) pp447-471

MacLure, M. (2011) Qualitative Inquiry: Where are the ruins? Qualitative Inquiry 17(10) pp997-1005

MacLure, M. (2010) The offence of theory. Journal of Education Policy 25, 2: pp 277-286

MacLure, M, Holmes, R, Jones, L. & Macrae, C. (2010) Silence as resistance to analysis. Or, on not opening one's mouth properly. Qualitative Inquiry 16(6) pp 492-500

Jones, L., Holmes, R., Macrae, C. & MacLure, M. (2010) Documenting classroom life: how can I write about what I am seeing? Qualitative Research 10(4) pp 479-491

MacLure, M., Holmes, R., MacRae, C. & Jones, L. (2010) Animating classroom ethnography, overcoming video-fear. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (Special Issue 'Thinking with Deleuze in Qualitative Research') 23(5) pp 543-556

Pearce, C. & MacLure, M. (2009) The wonder of method. International Journal of Research and Method in Education 32(3) pp 249-265

MacLure, M. (2006) The bone in the throat: some uncertain thoughts on baroque method. Qualitative Studies in Education 19(6) pp 729-745 (invited contribution to Special Issue on 'The State of Qualitative Inquiry')

MacLure, M. (2006) A demented form of the familiar: postmodernism and educational research. Journal of Philosophy of Education 40(2) pp 223-239 (reprinted in Bridges, D. & Smith, R.D. (eds) Philosophy, Methodology and Educational Research. Oxford: Blackwell)

MacLure, M. (2005) 'Clarity bordering on stupidity': where's the quality in systematic review? Journal of Education Policy 20(4) pp 393-416 (reprinted in B. Somekh and T. Schwandt (eds) Knowledge Production: Research Work in Interesting Times. London: Routledge)

MacLure, M. & Walker, B. (2000) Disenchanted evenings: the social organisation of parent-teacher consultations in UK secondary schools. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 21(1) pp 5-25

Book Chapters

Maclure, M. (2013) Classification or wonder? Coding as an analytic practice in qualitative research, in A. Coleman and J. Ringrose (eds) Deleuze and research methodologies Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp 164-183

MacLure, M. (2013) Foreword, in J. Duncan & L. Conner (eds) Research Partnerships in Early Childhood Education New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Jones. L., Holmes, R. and Maclure, M. (2012) Disturbing cultures of incarceration: resilience, the struggle for normality and the imprisoned family, in J. Duncan & S. Te One (eds) Comparative early childhood education services: international perspectives Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp 171-186

Burman, E. & Maclure, M. (2011) Deconstruction, in B. Somekh & C. Lewin, (eds) Theory and Methods in Social Research 2nd edition (revised) London: Sage, pp 286-294

MacLure, M., Jones, L., Holmes, R. & Macrae, C. (2010) Childhood and the construction of critical research practice, in G. Cannella & L.D. Soto (eds) Childhoods: a handbook New York: Peter Lang, pp 335-345

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MacLure, M. (2008) Broken voices, dirty words: on the productive insufficiency of voice, in A. Jackson and L. Mazzei (eds) Voice in Qualitative Inquiry: challenging conventional, interpretive, and critical conceptions in qualitative research. London: Routledge

MacLure, M. (2007) Interrogating the discourse of home-school relations, in M. Hammersley (ed) Educational Research and Evidence-Based Practice. London: Sage

MacLure, M. (2006) Entertaining doubts: on frivolity as resistance, in J. Satterthwaite, W. Martin & L. Roberts (eds) Discourse, Resistance and Identity Formation. London: Trentham

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MacLure, M. (2002) Postmodernism: a postscript, in C. Day et al (eds) Theory and Practice in Action Research Oxford: Symposium

Research Reports

Holmes, R. & MacLure, M. (2010) Addressing 'Problem Behaviour' in the Early Years: An Innovative Film Resource. End of Award Report to the Economic And Social Research Council.

Holmes, R., Jones, L., MacLure, M. & Browne, K. (2010) An Evaluation of the Mother and Baby Unit at HM Prison Styal. Action for Children

Maclure, M. & Torrance, H. (May 2010) Consultancy Report on the 'Social Brain and the Curriculum' Royal Society of Arts 18pp

MacLure, M., Jones, L., Holmes, R. & MacRae, C. (2009) Becoming a Problem: how and why children acquire a reputation as 'naughty' in the earliest years at school. End of Award Report to the Economic and Social Research Council

Barron, I., Holmes, R. & MacLure, M. (2008) Primary Schools and other Agencies (Primary Review Research Survey 8/2) Cambridge: University of Cambridge Faculty of Education


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Keynote Addresses or Prestigious Public Lectures

Qualitative inquiry: where are the ruins? Keynote Presentation to the New Zealand Association for Research in Education Conference, University of Auckland, December 2010

'Love, Lust, Lies' and 'Talkin'': Conversing into 21st Century Feminist Research. Invited contributor. School of Education, Deakin University, November, 2010

Keynote speaker, University of Birmingham Research Student Conference, July 2010

Invited speaker, 'The Theory Question in Education and the Education Question in Theory', Laboratory for Educational Theory, School of Education, University of Stirling, March, 2008

The bone in the throat: some thoughts on baroque method.Invited Keynote to the Annual Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education, Adelaide, 2006

Invited Keynote to Discourse, Power & Resistance Conference, University of Plymouth, 2005

Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

MacLure, M, Holmes, R, Jones, L and MacRae, C. (2007) Silence and humour as resistance to analysis. Paper Presented to American Educational Research Association, Chicago

Teaching Interests

Research methods. Parental involvement. Discourse analysis. Language and power. Early childhood education.

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

Home computing in a migrant community; art education; student writing for professional development; workplace learning; anorexia and the body; personal geographies.





Position/Post: Professor of Education
Responsibilities: Chair, faculty Research Degrees Commitee
Chair, ESRI Theory and Methodology Group
Tel: 0161-247-2053
Location: Brooks 1.06