Research Staff Interests

Dr Anat  Greenstein


A. Greenstein (2015) Radical inclusive education: Disability, teaching and struggles for liberation.

Refereed Journal Articles

A. Greenstein (2015) Disability and teaching. Disability & Society 30(2) pp 312-314

A. Greenstein, C. Blyth, C. Blunt, C. Eardley, L. Frost, et al. (2015) Exploring partnership work as a form of transformative education: "You do your yapping and I just add in my stuff". Disability Studoes Quarterly 35

A. Greenstein (2014) Theorising Autism Project-Engaging Autistic People in the Research Process Review of a seminar day at the Institute of Education. Autonomy, the Critical Journal of Interdisciplinary Autism Studies 1

A. Greenstein (2014) Is this inclusion? Lessons from a very special unit. International Journal of Inclusive Education 18(4) pp 379-391

A. Greenstein (2014) Today's learning objective is to have a party: Playing research with students in a secondary school special needs unit. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs 14(2) pp 71-81

A. Greenstein (2013) Confronting obstacles to inclusion: international responses to developing inclusive education. Disability & Society 28(1) pp 138-139

Book Chapters

A. Greenstein & S. Graby (2016) Relational autonomy and disability: Beyond normative constructs and post-structuralist deconstructions, in R. Mallett, C. Ogden & J. Slater. Precarious Positions: Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane Chester: University of Chester Press, pp 228-259

Research Reports

J. Bragg, E. Burman, A. Greenstein, T. Hanley, A. Kalambouka, et al. (2015) The Impacts of the 'Bedroom Tax' on Children and Their Education.





Position/Post: Senior Lecturer
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Location: Brooks Building