Research Staff Interests

Dr Lindsey  Garratt


I am originally from Dublin, Republic of Ireland. I completed my PhD work in Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Professor Robbie Gilligan within the Trinity Immigration Initiative. I then worked as a post-doctoral researcher associate in the ESRC Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity in University of Manchester. I joined MMU and ESRI in February 2018. Along the way I have also worked as a researcher in the Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Amnesty International, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Oxfam Ireland.

Research Interests

My scholarly work to date has been to understand inequality through an intersectional approach, acknowledging not only socio-economic barriers but also racism, migration status, life-course and gender, especially in relation to young children and our conceptions of childhood. I have a growing interest in child-centred methodologies to explore racism amongst young children. I am also a scholar of psycho-social attributes such as authenticity and resilience as they are applied to policy. I am currently engaged in developing the Migration and Families Research Network which brings together academics and policy makers to examine policy and law reform to migration as it effects the family

My theoretical interests include the work of Bourdieu, Abdelmalek Sayad, Phenomenology particularly Merleau-Ponty, Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies.

Research Groups

Theory and Methodology Group

Research Projects

Migration and Families Research Network


Garratt, L. (2018) The Body, Authenticity and Racism London: Routledge

Curry, P., Gilligan, R., Garratt, L. & Scholtz, J. (2011) Where to from here? Children and the Future of Integration in Ireland Dublin: Liffey Press

Book Chapters

Garratt L (2016) 'Using Bourdieusian scholarship to understand the body: Habitus, bodily hexis and embodied cultural capital,' in Ingram, N., Burke, C. & Thatcher, J. (eds) Bourdieu the next Generation London: Routledge

Research Reports

Garratt, L. (2013) DCYA Research Briefing: The Body, Masculinities and Racism Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs Ireland

Garratt, L. & Mutwarasibo, F. (2012) Racism in Primary Schools submission to the Irish Department of Justice

Garratt, L. (2012) Kicking off with English Language Skills: Pilot Programme Assessment Dublin: Marino Institute of Education

Garratt, L. (2012) Dissemination and Evaluation of 'Taking Racism Seriously Report': Young People's Voices Dublin: Immigrant Council of Ireland

Whyte, J. & Garratt, L. (2006) An evaluation of St. John of God's services for children with intellectual impairments Dublin: Children's Research Centre, T.C.D


Position/Post: Lecturer Early Year and Childhood
Tel: 0161-247-2003
Location: Brooks Building