Research Staff Interests

Dr James  Duggan


I have just completed my PhD (title 'A local authority initiative to foster a collaborative culture between organisations working with children and young persons') at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Profs. Mel Ainscow and Alan Dyson. My thesis explored the biases and emphases of leadership and cultural change as a process for improving collaboration in children’s services in one Children’s Service Authority.
My research interests are broadly in the areas of collaboration and leadership in the public sector, especially in relation to processes of managerialisation and the ideology of managerialism. I'm currently working on a re-articulation of public management/administration upon more democratic foundations and notions of constituent-constitutive power, and technologies and processes that would facilitate such an approach.
I'm politically and intellectually interested in academic activism and university-community engagement initiatives. I convened Coprodnet an academic and practitioner network focused on advancing the co-production agenda. More recently, I organised Co-operative Education Against the Crises to explore the potential of co-operative education as an alternative to mainstream, managerialised and privatising, education. I also edit the ESRI blog and work with ESRI academics to develop social media projects that engage with and communicate academic research, such as Inspired2Greatness and the Museum of Qualitative Research.
At ESRI I am working with John Schostak on the Collaborative Action Research Platform, and on the MAGICAL project with Nicola Whitton.

Research Interests

Collaboration, Co-operation, Critical views on leadership and managerialism.

Research Groups

Difference, Diversity and Social Justice
Centre for Research in Technology, Innovation and Play for Learning

Refereed Journal Articles

Duggan, J.R. (2014) Critical Friendship and Critical Orphanship: Embedded research of an English local authority initiative Management in Education 28(1) pp 12-18

Duggan, J.R. & Piper, H. (2013) Interrupting the Immoral Panic Around Child Abuse and Professional Touch. International Review of Qualitative Research 6(3) pp 440-459

Piper, H., Duggan, J.R. & Rogers, S. (2013) Managerial Discourse, Child Safeguarding, and the Elimination of Virtue from In Loco Parentis Relationships: an example from music education Power and Education 5(3) pp 209-221

Book Chapters

Duggan, J. (Under Contract) 'Embedded Research and De-contextualised Knowledge', in Gunter, H. et al (eds) Educational research: design and practice at a time of rapid reform Routledge

Other Publications

Duggan, J. (2011) New approaches to coordinating collaboration. Extended Schools Update Issue 33


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Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

Duggan, J. (2013) Articulation and assemblage: logics and biases in organising for collaboration. International Conference in Critical Management Studies, Manchester (July 2013)

Duggan, J. (2013) The socio-technological horizon of data as embodied experience. International Conference of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign (May 2013)

Duggan, J. and Piper, H. (2013) Interrupting the Immoral Panic around Child Abuse and Professional Touch: Thinking about Impact. International Conference of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign (May 2013)

Duggan, J. (2012)Questioning 'Collaboration': An English Local Authority's Approach to Institutionalising Collaboration in Children and Young People's Services. ECER, Cadiz (September 2012)

Duggan, J. (2012) Critical friend, critical nephew, critical orphan, research critical: embedded with initiative beneath the changes in a local authority. Embedded Researcher Conference, Manchester (June 2012)

Duggan, J. (2011) Questioning 'collaboration': a local authority's approach to institutionalising collaboration in children and young people's services. BERA, London (September 2011)

Duggan, J. (2011) Public management and governance for co-producing community resilience in the 'Big Society'. Coprodnet Symposium: Cutting the beast down to size: The Big Society in action, from Whitehall to community hall, Social Policy Association 2011: Bigger Societies, Smaller Governments? Lincoln (July 2011)

Duggan, J. (2010) The co-production ?of sustainability and resilience in a northern mill town. Coprodnet Conference, University of Manchester (November 2010)

Duggan, J. (2010) Using knowledge for social good: the ethics of knowledge exchange in the third sector. Workshop co-facilitated at Auril’s Annual Conference, Newcastle (October 2010)

Duggan, J. (2010) Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production of public services. Skype address to 'Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production of public services', Aalto University School of Art and Design, Finland (October 2010)

Duggan, J. (2010) Knotworking, system opacity and the potential of social network technology in children and young people's services BERA, University of Warwick (September 2010)





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