Research Staff Interests

Dr Su  Corcoran


My current role involves supporting faculty members with funding submissions, including all aspects of the proposal development from brainstorming ideas and developing budgets, to collating and proof reading final drafts.

As a teacher I held middle-management roles within the Physics, Theory of Knowledge, and PSME (as it was called then) departments at two schools.

I have a variety of teaching, consultancy and voluntary experience within the fields of street-connectedness, inclusive education, youth studies, development education and STEM education.

As well as 10 years of secondary level teaching experience in the UK and the international sector - concerned with the delivery of science (physics), theory of knowledge and the then PSME curriculum - I have worked as a volunteer, intern or consultant in the development and humanitarian sector with a number of organisations, including Child Rescue Kenya, Retrak, The Enabling Education Network, Street Child World Cup and The Mines Advisory Group.

Alongside my PhD I co-delivered undergraduate and postgraduate modules within Manchester Institute of Education, the Global Devlopment Instutute, the Humanitarian and Conflict Research Institute and the Geography Department at the Univeristy of Manchester. I have also delivered undergraduate level sessions on the development of STEM resources and led undergraduate modules on Inclusive Practice in the EYFS at Bolton University.

Research Interests

My wider research interests focus on the intersections of education and international development, in particular equity in education and inclusive education in policy and practice, as well as issues associated with social policy, social justice, and science education.

I am especially interested in street-connectedness and the implications for effective education provision of being, and having been, street-connected. My doctoral study concerned the transition experiences of young people leaving the street in Kenya and transitioning (back) into home communities, schools and vocational training placements. As a result of which I have published work related to the Kenyan policy context with regards to education and street-connectedness, as well as the reintegration of children and youth leaving the street, and the evaluation of visual research methods. My research with street-connected young people intersects with other research areas, such as refugee studies and disability studies. Consequently I am exploring the theory of liminality, and its interpretation within these two fields, and applying it to the experiences of young people conected to the street in Kenya.


Corcoran, S.L. & Kaneva, D. (2016) Being on the Margins Exploring Intersections

Refereed Journal Articles

Corcoran, S.L. & Wakia, J. (2016) Using Child Well-Being Assessments to Track Progress in Family-Based Reintegration. Global Social Welfare 3(2) pp 137-145

Corcoran, S.L. (2015) Disabling streets or disabling education? Challenging a deficit model of street-connectedness. Disability and the Global South 2(2) pp 613-619

Book Chapters

Corcoran, S.L. (2014) 'Visualising transitions: the use of auto-photography with formerly street-connected boys in Kenya,' in Howes, A. & Miles, S. Photography in educational research: critical reflections from diverse contexts Routledge

Research Reports

Corcoran, S.L., Wakia, J. (2013) Evaluating outcomes: Retrak's use of the Child Status Index to measure wellbeing of street-connected children Retrak

Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

2015: Youth | Participation | Impact
A 3-day conference at the University of Manchester, funded by the Humanities Researcher-Led Initiatives Fund 2014/15 and ESRC funding awarded through the NWDTC (

2015: Global Education Diplomacy Workshop
A one day event funded by the ESRC through the NWDTC that cascaded lessons learned from the ACEI Institute of Global Education Diplomacy in Washington DC, 2015, and discussed working definitions of education diplomacy.

2014/2015: Enhancing Interdisciplinarity seminar series
A seminar series funded by the ESRC through the NWDTC, that took place between the Universities of Manchester, Lancaster and Liverpool to focus on interdispinary research (

2014: Symposium of the Street
A one-day conference that explored research and work with street-connected children. ESRC funding awarded through the NWDTC

2014: Interdisciplinary Symposium
A one-day comference to explore interdisciplinary research conducted by PGR students across the North West

Expert Reviewer for Journals and Publishers

I review articles for:
British Journal of Visual Impairment
The South Africa Journal of Education
I am on the editorial board of the Social Pathology and Prevention Journal


Tel: 0161-247-2485
Location: Brooks Building