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Dr Harriet  Cameron


Harriet took up her post as senior lecturer at MMU in June 2017 having spent many years as a service director, university teacher and specialist practitioner in the field of specific learning difficulties at the University of Sheffield.

Research Interests

Harriet is interested in the study of education, educational psychology, learning, learning difference, disability, discourse and identity. A key focus is the discursive construction of learning, learning difference and difficulty, 'intelligence' and the 'good' student in texts and conversations situated within the higher education landscape. She is also interested in how students (especially those who experience specific or additional difficulties in learning), teachers and psychologists make sense of their experiences within higher education or in related contexts. Harriet’s research is practice-led and also driven by a longer-term aim of shifting policy and practice.

Research Groups

Theory & Methodology

Refereed Journal Articles

Cameron, H. (2017) Bookishness, blue skies, bright hats and brickies: discourse and positioning in academics' conversations around 'academic intelligence' and the 'good' student. Studies in Higher Education pp 1-15

Cameron, H. (2016) Beyond cognitive deficit: the everyday lived experience of dyslexic students at university. Disability & Society 31(2) pp 223-239

Cameron, H. & Billington, T. (2015) The discursive construction of dyslexia by students in higher education as a moral and intellectual good. Disability & Society 30(8) pp 1225-1240

H. Cameron, H. & Billington, T. (2015) 'Just deal with it': neoliberalism in dyslexic students' talk about dyslexia and learning at university. Studies in Higher Education 42(8) pp 1358-1372

Stafford, T. Elgueta, H. & Cameron, H.(2014) Students' engagement with a collaborative wiki tool predicts enhanced written exam performance. Research in Learning Technology 22(1) pp 22797-22797

Cameron, H. & Nunkoosing, K. (2012) Lecturer perspectives on dyslexia and dyslexic students within one faculty at one university in England. Teaching in Higher Education 17(3) pp 341-352

Book Chapters

Cameron, H.(2016) 'Being' dyslexic in higher education, Ch 22 in Critical Educational Psychology. John Wiley & Sons

Other Publications

Various in The Psychologist; The Conversation; Times Higher Education

Research-based Contributions to Practitioner and Academic Conferences

Dyslexia in higher education: discourse, discord and debates. Invited paper for UNIDISCAT(advisory council of the Government of Catalonia for university students with special educational needs): First International Congress of University and Inclusion: University of Barcelona. November 2017

Brickies and blue-sky thinkers: a look at how academics talk about 'intelligence'. Paper for the British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference. The University of Manchester. 4-6 April 2017

Beyond Cognitive Deficit. Poster for the Conference of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA). March 2016

(2015) Critical dyslexia. Paper for Working for disability equality in Higher Education annual National Association of Disability Practitioners, organised by the National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP), Manchester. July 2015

Close-up, practitioner-led, 'impact'-ful research in higher education: an example. Published peer-reviewed conference proceedings, Higher Education Close Up (HECU7), Lancaster. July 2014

Being dyslexic in higher education. Paper for conference Normalcy. The University of Sheffield. July 2014

(2014) The discursive construction of dyslexia in higher education. Paper for conference Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), Budapest, Hungary. September, 2014

The Discursive Construction of Dyslexia. Poster-led discussion for Higher Education Academy,First Annual Conference on Equality and Diversity in Learning and Teaching in Scottish Higher Education, Glasgow. April 2014

The discursive Construction of Dyslexia in Higher Education. Paper for The North of England Education Conference, Sheffield Hallam University. January, 2013


Why talk matters. The University of Birmingham, faculty of education, department of inclusion and special educational needs. 2017

How do students and educators in higher education talk about learning, learning difference, and 'intelligence'? Edge Hill University. October 2016

'Inclusive learning and teaching.' Panel debate for widening participation researcher/practitioner forum, University of Sheffield, April 2016

Dyslexic students, learning identities and ideology. British Sociological Association Study Group. Making a market in higher education: Changing landscape, continuing inequalities? Sheffield Hallam University, June 2014

How we position each other as learners matters. Higher Education Academy Annual conference. Aston, July 2014

Teaching Interests

Critical educational psychology
Labels and learning differences

Taught Courses

Award lead MA ASCs; unit lead Intro to research design and Understanding Inclusive Education (PGRECS) and Mapping the Territory (PDP).

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

MA dissertations - range.


Position/Post: Senior Lecturer
Responsibilities: Award lead MA ASCs; unit lead Intro to research design and Understanding Inclusive Education and Mapping the Territory (MA-level).
Tel: 0161-247-6170
Location: Brooks Building 1.43
Twitter: @harryredfern