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Ms Janet  Batsleer


Janet Batsleer studied English at Cambridge and was a research student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham, when Professor Stuart Hall was Director. She worked as a youth and community worker for ten years before taking up a post as Lecturer in Youth and Community Work at Manchester Polytechnic in 1986. She has taught and conducted research in youth and community work since then, and was part of the team which established a Women's Studies M.A. at MMU,which ran successfully during the 1990's.

Her research has focussed on anti-racist and feminist approaches to youth work; on the theory and practice of informal education in youth work settings; on alternative education traditions and the resources they offer to people whose lives are conducted at the margins of the mainstream. So,she has published on informal groupwork responses to young people who self-harm; on groupwork with South Asian women survivors of domestic violence; on arts-based practice with young men who are on the edge of the sex industry; as well as on lesbian,gay,queer and trans youth work. She is currently working on a new edition of 'Working with Girls and Young Women in Community Settings' (Ashgate 1996) which presents a feminist-inspired community-based approach to informal education for and with girls, linked to the Feminist Webs oral history initiative. She has completed project evaluations with The Blue Room, on the place of creativity in responses to young men who sell sex, and with Groundwork UK on developing strategies to increase the diversity of groups with whom they engage, including offering resources to people with long-term mental health difficulties, lesbian and gay communities, and to small minority ethnic communities in predominantly white areas.

She is interested in how the education system could change in response to understanding the experiences of people who do not do well in it currently. She is very interested in the resources offered by critical social and cultural theory and research to this project of understanding and change.

Research Interests

Current research project is 'Alternatives?: exploring the long genealogies of alternative education in youth work' with Diane Watt and Alison Ronan.


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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Research Reports

Groundwork Trust UK 'Inclusionworking' (2007) An evaluation of Groundwork's positive action work with people with mental health difficulties, particularly from minoritised communities, and a Manchester-based evaluation of The Blue Room Evaluation (2009), an arts project working with young men vulnerable to sexual exploitation.(ongoing)

(2002) Janet Batsleer, Erica Burman, Chatidja Chantler, Hindene Shirley McIntosh, Kamal Pantling, Sophie Smailes & Sam Warner Domestic Violence and Minoritisation - supporting women to independence. Women's Studies Research Centre, MMU

(2001) Khatidja Chantler, Erica Burman, Janet Batsleer & Colsom Bashir Attempted Suicide and Self Harm(South Asian Women). MMU and MST Health Action Zone. ISBN 0-9541550-0-9

Chair of the QAA Subject Benchmarking Group for Youth and Community Work.


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Journal & Book Series Editorships & Editorial Board Membership

I am series editor, with Professor Keith Popple, of the Learning Matters series. Transforming Youth Work.

Keynote Addresses or Prestigious Public Lectures

Recent Professional Keynotes include a contribution to the four nations youth work conference 'Where do I belong?' in Corrymeela, Northern Ireland on issues of faith and sexuality.

And a forthcoming contribution at the European History of Youth Work Conference, Ghent, July 2010: The History of Youth Work with Young Women.

Ruskin College, March 2010. The Women's Liberation Movement and Feminist Youth Work. (with Sue Robertson and Steph Green)

Conference Papers

Youth and Policy Seminar, Leeds (March 2010) 'From Feminism to Queer and Back Again: Gender Theory in Youth Work with Girls.'

BERA, Manchester (September 2009) 'Dangerous spaces, dangerous memories, dangerous emotions: informal education and heteronormativity.'

And numerous earlier papers at youth and community and women's studies conferences and seminars.

Expert Reviewer for Journals and Publishers

I review for the Journal of Youth Studies; for Groupwork; and for European journal of Social Work.

Commitees and Professional Associations

I am a member of the secretariat of the Community and Youth Work Lecturers Association (TAG) and of the proposed BERA SIG on Youth Studies and Youth Work.

Teaching Interests

All aspects of youth and community work.

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

Political strategies in a feminist organisation: Rape Crisis.

Would be interested in further supervision in areas of critical pedagogy, informal education and community development.


Position/Post: Principal Lecturer Youth and Community Work
Responsibilities: Responsible for the development of BA and MA Programmes in youth and community work and for the research projects in this field. The staff group at MMU have a particular focus on young people and informal education, critical pedagogy, active citizenship and community development.
Tel: 0161-247-2130