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Prof Tony  Brown


Tony Brown is Professor of Mathematics Education. He leads the Building Research in Teacher Education research group, and co-leads the Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education with Yvette Solomon. His work is primarily concerned with considering mathematics education through the lens of contemporary social theory. He has written seven books in this area, including three titles for Springer’s prestigious Mathematics Education Library series, most recently Becoming a Mathematics Teacher and Mathematics Education and Subjectivity. The journal Educational Studies in Mathematics has published eleven of his papers. Tony has also had a long-standing interest in professionally oriented research, typically carried out by practitioners working on doctoral studies. Tony co-organised the inaugural conference on Mathematics Education and Contemporary Theory, held at MMU in July 2011. He co-edited a double special issue of Educational Studies in Mathematics associated with the conference. Further conferences took place in June 2013 and July 2016 with a further ESM special issue compiling some papers. A recently completed research report on School Direct was presented by him at a House of Lords Parliamentary seminar. His latest book is entitled Teacher Education in England

Originally from London, Tony Brown trained in Canterbury and Exeter, before returning to London where he taught mathematics for three years at Holland Park School. This was followed by three years as a mathematics teacher educator for Volunteer Services Overseas in Dominica in the Caribbean. In 1987 he completed his PhD at Southampton University, which focused on language usage in mathematics classrooms. After a spell as the mathematics coordinator in a middle school in the Isle of Wight Tony moved to Manchester Metropolitan University in 1989, where he became a professor in 2000. During 2003 and 2004 Tony was based at the University of Waikato where he was the first Professor of Mathematics Education in New Zealand.

Research Interests

Tony Brown's research work has focused primarily on issues relating to language in educational contexts. His work in mathematics education is mainly theoretical but has typically been related to his own teaching in teacher education contexts. Recent work has focused on how teachers, students and mathematics are all shaped by the regulative social structures within which they are encountered. As well as leading doctoral studies in education at MMU for many years, his work on professionally oriented research has been built around work with his own doctoral and masters students, in areas as diverse as: the construction of mathematical objects, being a primary head teacher, interpretation in science, emotional involvement in special education, police training, the use of spreadsheets, emergency medicine, widening participation in higher education, and a psychoanalytic perspective on race in education. He has numerous international publications in the fields of mathematics education and teacher education. He received two research grants from the Economic and Social Research Council to study the initial training of teachers in the area of primary mathematics. He has also held a grant from the New Zealand Centre for Educational Research to look at the experience of Pacific teachers in New Zealand secondary schools. Another project for the Centre for British Teachers piloted a distance learning programme enabling British volunteers based in Africa to research their own teaching practice. As a result of a research partnership with the College of Emergency Medicine, Tony was involved in a project funded by the General Medical Council and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to examine the effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development across the medical professions in the UK. Most recently Tony led MMU's School Direct Research Project (link), which was presented at a House of Lords parliamentary seminar.

Research Groups

BRiTE - Building Research in Teacher Education
Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education


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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Brown, T. & Clarke, D. (2012) 'Institutional Contexts for Research in Mathematics Education' in Clements, M A, Bishop, A, Keitel, C, Kilpatrick, J & Leung, F (eds) Third international handbook of mathematics education Dordrecht: Springer

Brown, T. & Heggs, D. (2011) 'From Hermeneutics to Post-Structuralism to Psychoanalysis' in Somekh, B. & Lewin, C. (eds) Theory and Method in Social Research London, Sage

Calder, N. & Brown, T. (2010) 'Learning through Digital Technologies' in Walshaw, M. (ed) Unpacking Pedagogy: new perspectives for mathematics classrooms Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, North Carolina

Brown, T. (2008) 'Comforting narratives of compliance: Psychoanalytic perspectives on new teacher responses to mathematics policy' in Nolan, K. and deFreitas, E. Opening the research text: Critical insights and in(ter)ventions into mathematics education Springer, New York


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Keynote Addresses or Prestigious Public Lectures

Presentation of School Direct Research Project to parliamentary seminar at the House of Lords (2016)

Keynote lecture for Association of Mathematics Education Teachers (2016)

Professorial Lecture Series: Whatever happened to theory in teacher education?

International Recognition

First Professor of Mathematics Education appointed in New Zealand (2003)

Member of Science Panel Norwegian Research Council (2015)

Convenor: Mathematics Education and Contemporary Theory (2011-2016)

Member of Professorial Appointments Committee, University of Cyprus (2017)

Reviewer: National Research Foundation, Republic of South Africa


Experiencing change in Initial Teacher Education: a Lacanian perspective Kings, University of London (2015)

Teaching Interests

Mathematics education, practitioner research and teacher education

Areas of Post-graduate Supervision

Professionally oriented practitioner research spanning: Police training, University accreditation of professional training, mathematics education, Emergency Medicine Practice, Lacanian psychoanalytical theory in educational contexts, ethnicity and identity, teacher education.

Tony is lead tutor on the Doctor of Education course


Position/Post: Professor of Mathematics Education
Responsibilities: Group leader of BRiTE and co-leader of Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education
Tel: 0161-247-2243
Location: Brooks 1.06