Research Project

How do families with under fives experience museums?

Project Director: Abigail Hackett
Amount: £12,127
Funder: Humber Museums Partnership
Duration: Oct 2016 - March 2017

This research is being carried out in collaboration with Humber Museums Partnership, a consortium of museums who are developing new approaches for working with children aged under five year. The research will address two research questions:
How do under 5s and their families use and experience the museum spaces in Humber?
How do museums identify their strengths for family audiences with young children under five years?

The aims of the research will be

  • To understand how families with under fives use HMP spaces, identifying favourite exhibits and spaces and ways in which the children make meaning in these spaces.
  • To identify how interactions, movements and traditions emerge for families in these favourite exhibits and spaces over time.
  • To inform how Humber museums in particular, and museum sector more generally, can cater better for this audience, with a particular focus on how museums can identify and celebrate the strengths of their spaces, objects and provision for family audiences.

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