Research Project

The impact of educational comics

Project Director: Dr Sarah McNicol
Amount: £4,931
Funder: The Wellcome Trust
Duration: November 2014 - May 2015

Educational comics can be found about a wide range of illnesses and may have a number of purposes, including raising awareness; preparing patients for procedures; assisting with decision making; promoting self-management; or simply increasing understanding and acceptance of a condition. While it is important to evaluate the factual comprehension of health information gained by reading education comics, it is also essential to consider how reading a comic may impact on a patient's (or relative's) feelings and attitudes.

Through interviews with patients and relatives of people with a range of conditions, this research will investigate how, and to what extent, educational comics can provide support in dealing with feelings and attitudes associated with health conditions, for example, fears and anxieties, social interactions and relationships. It will also identify any potential weaknesses of the medium in this respect, as well as suggesting how educational comics might be evaluated in ways which take account of their potential social and psychological benefits as well as how they convey factual information.

See here for examples of health education comics.

Executative Summary

Final Report

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