Research Project

Addressing 'problem behaviour' in the early years: an innovative film resource

Project Directors: Dr Rachel Holmes, Prof Maggie Maclure
Amount: £29,232
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (follow-on funding scheme)
Duration: October 2010 - December 2010

During a recent ESRC-supported project, Becoming a 'Problem': How Children Develop a Reputation as 'Naughty' in the Earliest Years at School [RES062230105], the project team developed a prototype film that presented the issues identified during the project in an innovative way. By departing from the usual didactic conventions of the educational film or the in-service training video and inviting a more open and critical engagement from audiences, the film has the potential to help viewers examine and challenge their existing preconceptions concerning young children and behaviour. The film presents the knowledge generated during a data-rich qualitative study in an interesting and provocative format and has the capacity to improve knowledge transfer and user impact. The grant will enable the further development of the film and an accompanying educational package aimed at user groups with an interest in understanding and tackling problem behaviour in the early years.

Becoming a Problem: young children and behaviour - full film version

You can download the accompanying discussion materials and discussion sheets by clicking on each theme below.

What counts as problem behaviour? What is a normal child?
Downloadable discussion sheet on What Counts as Problem Behaviour?

Downloadable discussion sheet on What is a 'normal' child?

Difficult Bodies Parents
Downloadable discussion sheet on Difficult Bodies

Downloadable discussion sheet on Parents

Observing and Monitoring  
Downloadable discussion sheet on Observing and Monitoring


Additional information about the film and its origins:
About the film (pdf format, size: 340 KB)
Viewers' responses to the film (pdf format, size: 2.8 MB)
End of Award Report (pdf format, size: 1.7 MB)

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