PELRS, Transforming the way we learn

Developing Pedagogies for E-learning Resources (PELRS)

The Developing Pedagogies for E-learning Resources Project (PELRS for short), is a research and development project exploring the innovative uses of ICT in teaching and learning. It is a 3 year project and is based at Manchester Metropolitan University Institute of Education. For the first 2 years of the project 4 case study schools will be developing, testing and refining new pedagogic strategies to maximise the potential of e-learning resources.

Schools in England have invested heavily in new technologies recently and many schools are now equipped with computer suites, high speed internet connections and have access to digital equipment such as laptops, interactive whiteboards, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and scanners. Research suggests that schools are now looking for ways of using this technology to maximum effect to provide high-quality interactive learning experiences for pupils. But the culture of schooling, and the daily routines and procedures which structure the school day are slow to change, with the result that much of the potential of this technology is wasted.

PERLRS is being funded by the General Teaching Council for England.

Research Objectives

PELRS is a research and development project, we are developing new pedagogic strategies and researching them at the same time. Therefore we have a set of research objectives to guide the project. These objectives are dynamic and are currenly being discussed and refined with participating teachers (in case study and network schools).

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