Technology, Innovation and Play for Learning (TIPL)

led by Professor Cathy Lewin and Professor Nicola Whitton

We are interested in how innovative pedagogies and technologies can enhance learning. Encompassing theory and practice, our research involves development, evaluation, and exploration of teaching practices, and learner engagement and experiences. We work in schools, higher education, informal, community and lifelong learning contexts. Our work has wide-reaching impact, including influencing national and international policy, practice and theoretical understandings of learning and teaching.

We have three thematic areas:
  • Technology - the potential and challenges of digital tools and artefacts to enhance learning and teaching, and facilitate educational change.
  • Innovation - the design, implementation, and evaluation of new and emerging pedagogies such as those based on active, collaborative, and constructivist approaches.
  • Play - the use of playful approaches in education, and the development of theory in the field of games and learning.