Research Degrees

Research Student Topics (in progress)

Ramadan Al Hamroni
How Higher Education Leaders Learn to Lead and what Shapes their Professional Identities: as a comparison of Libya and the UK (PhD)

Abdullah Alghamdi
Leading School Improvement in Saudia Arabia: investigating total quality management practices. (PhD)

Yasemin Allsop
An examination of Children's thinking, learning and metacognitive awareness when making computer games. (PhD)

Jawaher Bakheet M Almudarra
An Exploration into the Role of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Styles of Directors of Educational Supervision in Saudi Arabia. (PhD)

Hind Abdulrahman R Alowin
A Study of Perceptions of Leadership and its Role in Educational Transformation in Girls' Secondary Schools in Saudi Arabia. (MPhil)

Saeed Alzahrani
Middle Managers in Primary Schools: a comparison between Saudi Arabia and England. (PhD)

Thekla Anastasiou
Examining Young Children's Relations with Food. (PhD)

Carrie Birkett
Stepping out of the System: Constructing a grounded theory on the process of becoming a home educator. (PhD)

Charlotte Elizabeth Booth
How do Teacher Fantasies Influence a Student Teacher's Sense of Self? (Ed Doc)

Paul Booth
An Alternative Teaching Place: centres of meaning in digital pedagogy. (PhD)

Karin Boyle
A Multiple Case Study of Reading Comprehension: how do teachers teach and understand their teaching of reading comprehension? (PhD)

Lucy Caton
How New Subjects and Capacities are Produced when Children, Coding and Computers 'plug into' one another. (PhD)

Memory Fungai Chiororo
A Critical Analysis of the University Primary Education Goal with Special Reference to how Disadvantaged Children, particularly girls, are and might be Engaged in Zimbabwe. (PhD)

Mark Thomas Craig
Power and Ideology in the Co-operative Group 1970-2015. (PhD)

Robert Crofts
An investigation into the Emerging professional Identities of a Group of Aspiring Nurse Directors Completing a Postgraduate Leadership Programme: telling the stories that follow a profession transition. (Ed Doc)

Zoe Crompton
In what ways does interest in Science change between the ages of 4 an 6? (Ed Doc)

Joanna Dennis
Together We Stand: a phenomenological exploration of the co-operative movement in education as a catalyst for change and resistance. (PhD)

Natalie Diddams
A material feminist study of women-led comedy as a site for gender disruption within Fourth Wave Feminism(s). (PhD)

Michael Dore
Subject and Subjects: conceptions of high school English. (Ed Doc)

Monica Edwards
Problematic Boundary-Markers? An exploration of mothers' experiences of the two-year-old offer. (Ed Doc)

Sarah Evans
Language Use and Access to Learning at Masters level in UK Higher Education: are we all on the same page? (PhD)

Emily Haddock
Good practice in Autism. (Ed Doc)

Clare Halfpenny
Quality in Higher Education: a comparison of commercial and traditional undergraduate programmes. (Ed Doc)

Georgia Louise Hindle
A study on the changing role of the mentor in school-led teacher education. (PhD)

Slma Jadido
Higher Education Issues: an investigation of the influences of the education policy and leadership on the university student. (MPhil)

John Lean
Exploring the potential of 'communities of play' to transform undergraduate participation. (PhD)

Margerita Leyden
An exploration of undergraduate nursing students' learning experiences in primary care consequent on the changes in the locus of NHS health care delivery: A case study. (Ed Doc)

Rania Maklad
An Exploration of the distinctive skills and knowledge of multilingual student teachers in Higher Education. (PhD)

Rebecca Newton
How is a Modern Day Teacher’s Identity Formed and Influenced? (Ed Doc)

Rachel O’Sullivan
'The Big Six' How teaching schools are addressing the requirement to engage in research and development as a key driver for school improvement. (Ed Doc)

Frances Carole Page
Discomfort, Confusion, Challenge and Invigoration: English Subject Development as a Generative and Affective Force. (Ed Doc)

Pauline Palmer
Changing times, changing values: An exploration of the positionality and agency of teacher educators working in higher education. (Ed Doc)

Clare Pheasey
Another Brick in the Wall? Evolving notions of undergraduate experience and satisfaction, and their (re)positioning within UK Higher Education. (Ed Doc)

Mark Sackville-Ford
Conceptualising a School 'Atmosphere' using Film. (Ed Doc)

Lindsay Schofield
Ecologies of Touch. (Ed Doc)

Alex Timewell
Objectifying Musicianship: sociocultural discourses in music education. (PhD)

Jonas Thiel
Neoliberal Ideology, Analytical Agency and Utopia: university educators' narratives of practice in education. (PhD)

Vivien Townsend
Fractions in the Primary National Curriculum for England: how teachers are working with the new expectations. (PhD)

Elaine Uppal
Interprofessional Learning Within a Community of Child Protection Practice. (PhD)

Peter Whitton
Re-imagining Universities: exploring the relationship between physical and augmented reality spaces in campus design. (PhD)

Corinne Woodfine
There is not just one way to be a man’: an exploration of male primary school teachers value, resist and negotiate their identities within the figures world of the primary school. (PhD)



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