Research Activities

Critical Race Theory Discussion Group

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Discussion Group evolved out of an international CRT seminar held at Manchester Metropolitan University's Education and Social Research Institute on 20 November 2006. The Group is co-convened Lorna Roberts (Education and Social Research Institute), Namita Chakrabarty (Ruskin College) and John Preston (University of East London) and had its inaugural meeting on 6 November 2008. The Discussion group is a network which provides a forum for academics and students who are already working with CRT to talk about their interests and make collaborations. Although the group welcomes debate or discussion, it is primarily concerned with developing a CRT voice to advance thinking within this paradigm.

The core committee are Lorna Roberts (Education and Social Research Institute,, Namita Chakrabarty (Ruskin College,; John Preston (University of East London,; Kevin Hylton, (Leeds Metropolitan University,; Paul Warmington (University of Birmingham,; and Shirin Housee (

Work emerging out of the Discussion Group includes a special issue of Race Ethnicity and Education edited by the convenors Namita Chakrabarty, John Preston and Lorna Roberts (2012) Critical Race Theory in England; a Discourse Power and Resistance symposium in 2009 Building Theory, Building Community': speaking from the margins and a keynote Bera symposium in 2007 entitled Guess Who's Coming to BERA?: Has Critical Race Theory arrived in UK Educational Research?


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