Professorial Lecture Series

The Education and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has recently been reconfigured as a University Research Centre and as a new Department in the Faculty of Education. This event highlights some of the Institute's world leading research and features, in particular, the first in a series of public lectures by ESRI professors. The inaugural lecture was introduced by the Head of ESRI and Associate Dean for Research in Education, Professor Harry Torrance, and was given by Professor Nicola Whitton, on 12 November 2015 in the Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, with further lectures by Professor Rachel Holmes and Professor Cathy Lewin to be given next year.

 Professor Nicola Whitton on 12 November 2015 - From Magic Micros to Magic Circle: A Manifesto for Playful Learning.

 Professor Rachel Holmes on 3rd March 2016

 Professor Cathy Lewin on 12th May 2016

Previous Lectures:

 Professor Harry Torrance - How Can Research Inform Policy and Practice? Producing and Using Evidence in Education.

 Professor Cathy Lewin - Transforming education through technology: mission impossible?

 Maggie MacLure - If things were so different back then, how come they look the same? A perplexed look at life in early years classrooms in the 1970s vs the noughties.

 Liz Jones - Children and Objects.

 Heather Piper - Abuse, Fear and Moral Panic: children, teachers and carers at risk.

 John Schostak - Maladjusted School Revisited: a time to re-imagine 21st Century Education?

 Tony Brown - Whatever Happend to Theory in Teacher Education?

 Yvette Solomon - Adding or Taking Away: how "Doing Mathematics" defines us.