Educational Research Overview

The Institute has an outstanding portfolio of research grants and publications, regularly organises national and international seminars and workshops and other services to research, and offers several studentship awards annually. Our work includes a Biosocial Research Laboratory and workshops on Arts Methodologies.

ESRI is part of the White Rose Doctoral Training Programme which involves a number of collaborative doctoral awards and programmes funded through the ESRC.

Advancing theory and methodology in social research is a long-standing interest, alongside the ways in which knowledge is produced, used and controlled, and in the complicated relationships that exist between research, policy, professional practice and the public interest.

Our research activities comprise a wide range of research interests, that are led by world leading researchers with a focus on theory and practice and underpinned by our Theory and Methodology group.

We have six research centres:

  • Children and Childhood (Rachel Holmes)
  • Youth and Community (Gabrielle Ivinson)
  • Teacher Education: Leadership, Curriculum and Inclusion (Moira Hulme)
  • Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (Tony Brown and Yvette Solomon)
  • Theory and Methodology (Maggie MacLure)
  • Play and Learning (Nicola Whitton)

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