DPR7: Cultures in Resistance

The 7th Conference of the Discourse, Power, Resistance Series

18– 20 March 2008
Manchester Metropolitan University , UK


Lisa A. Mazzei
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Straining Notions of Voice

Challenging conventional notions of voice in qualitative inquiry is the focus of this session. Such a troubling of voice seeks to put voice under poststructural scrutiny by questioning its privileged status as that which unproblematically represents meaning, with the effect of re-positioning voice as productive of meaning. This is done by challenging the constraints that regulate what “counts” as voice and by deconstructing the ways in which voice is deployed to make meaning in traditional qualitative research. The aim is not to give in to a paralysis that can occur by the seemingly limitless interpretations and inadequacies of voice, but in a Deleuzian fashion, to exploit what is produced by the trouble of (or with) voice. To exploit the ‘trouble’ of voice and therefore strain notions of voice is to ask questions of the very notion of what constitutes voice, the voices we choose (or are able) to listen to, how we listen to them, and why we accept some as true and others not.