DPR7: Cultures in Resistance

The 7th Conference of the Discourse, Power, Resistance Series

18– 20 March 2008
Manchester Metropolitan University , UK


Mark Duguid and Charlie Hackett
Grays School of Art, UK

Round AB Out, A Queer Visual Arts Narrative

Over 100 pieces of Artwork were created in clubs and pubs by the LGBT community in Aberdeen as part of this visual arts project for Our Story Scotland. Our Story Scotland collects, archives and presents the life stories and experiences of LGBT people throughout Scotland. The workshops explored 'Queer' lives through several interpretive workshops. Promises of anonymity gave impetus to explore and discuss topics often seen as taboo, even within the 'Gay' community. Through artistic creativity individuals were able to articulate what can often be difficult to put into words.

Such creative activities as the genderising of chairs and decorating of ceramic plates lead to the production of artworks that didn't adhere to the traditional stereotypical labelling often associated with same sex relationships. One of the pre requisites of this arts project was to exhibit the artworks in a very public arena within Aberdeen City centre. It was important that the exhibition space played a dialogical role, creating an open forum where the general public could engage with the artworks on familiar territory. Queuing at the auto teller, waiting for friends or even having a cigarette break from work has the potential to become what was essentially an engagement with a contemporary arts exhibition. Perceiving the viewer as the resisting culture, we felt it was necessary to examine public response, as an important reciprocal element of investigation into current social attitudes both within and around the 'Gay' agenda.

In many ways the work speaks far beyond the LGBT community. By drawing parallels outside mere sexuality and gender, the exhibition offers an inclusive insight to what is often a misrepresented section of society.

This will be a multi faceted presentation.