The DPR team at the University of Plymouth has combined with members of the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. To celebrate this new development the next conference will be held at MMU.

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DPR5: Research as a Subversive Activity

20 – 22 April 2006
Manchester Metropolitan University , UK

Keynote speakers

Frank Furedi - Bob Lingard - Griselda Pollock

Does research always need to know exactly where it is going, and why? Under what circumstances should research resist the demands for accountability, certainty and scientific ‘rigour’ that dominate policy discourses worldwide? How can researchers subvert their own assumptions in order to contribute more meaningfully to the needs of learners, teachers and policy-makers?

DPR is increasingly drawing upon the insights of the creative and performing arts. The 2006 conference will take advantage of the superb exhibition and performance spaces offered by the Geoffrey Manton Building at MMU. We are hoping that creative and performance artists will help to show why - and how - research can be profoundly, and brilliantly subversive.


We encourage a range of presentations on the theme of research as a subversive activity: papers, posters, symposia and workshops, together with work for exhibition and presentations in the visual and performing arts. Exhibitors will be encouraged to lead discussion of their work. Proposals should be in the form of abstracts of between 150 – 250 words, making clear the intended format of the presentation.

Past keynote speakers have included: Michael Apple · Elizabeth Atkinson · Guy Claxton · Phil Hodkinson · Satish Kumar · Patti Lather · Peter McLaren · Maggie MacLure ·William Pinar · Ian Stronach · Chris Weedon