Latest News

Latest News

  • The next CARN Conference is to be held on 31 October 2 November 2014 at Gateshead UK and will be hosted by CARN. We hope to see you all there! Conference Website
  • The First East Coast American CARN Study Day hosted by the Moravian College, USA in collaboration with ARNA will take place on Thursday 22nd May 2014.
    Study Day Flyer
  • Bulletin 16 from the conference held in Cambridge entitled: Action research in diverse contexts: contemporary challenges is now available on our Resources page
  • The archive section has been updated with info from previous study days - if you have anything you would like to add to our archive section please contact me

An Outline Statement

CARN was founded in 1976 in order to continue the development work of the Ford Teaching Project in UK primary and secondary schools. Since that time it has grown to become an international network drawing its members from educational, health, social care, commercial, and public services settings.
CARN aims to encourage and support action research projects (personal, local, national and international), accessible accounts of action research projects, and contributions to the theory and methodology of action research.

CARN sets out to generate:-

  • for action research that requires critical inquiry into past, current and future practice
  • for research that involves active involvement with practitioners and participants
  • for inquiry where practitioners actively contribute to the generation of knowledge and theory
  • for approaches where community development works to engage with and support critical, collective action for social justice
  • for approaches to professional development that takes into account the context of institutional practices and structures as well wider political, social and cultural forces
  • for action research that aims to bring about change both inside and outside of institutional spaces
  • for action researchers working both individually and in collaboration with others
  • for anyone wishing to set up action research activities as part of ongoing developments, new inquiries, research projects, community engagements, etc
  • for anyone who is interested in developing collaborative, critical and creative dialogue between practice and inquiry; research and practice, theory and experience
  • through sharing accounts of action research, on the CARN website, in the Educational Action Research international journal, and through other CARN publications
  • through attentive personal encouragement and critical feedback
  • through regional events, study days and at the CARN annual conference

Regional CARN Networks

CARN also has the following regional networks: